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The sons wake up the next morning, with a renewed sense of brotherhood, they animatedly chat about how it feels good to bond again after so many years. The topic shifts to bravado and niranjan and parimal start quibbing about who is stronger.
they suggest a duel to find out. Meanwhile, at the temple, ila tells the entire truth to gayatri, and laments that had she only asked her about it, she would have told. She walks off. gayatri is tensed about the doubt that she has raised in rita’s min unnecessarily.

In her room, rita is worried about gayatri’s statements, when niranjan comes and talks about the duel. she resignedly complies, but is still lost whether or not to believe gayatri or niranjan. niranjan goes out. sameer and rahul make him exercise enough. when parimal doesnt return back, niranjan decides to take use of the advantage, and then decides to declare himself the winner by parimal’s forfeit. in his glaoting, he doesnt realise parimal is descending and starts talking about how parimal got scared, while rahul and sameer are amused, as he stands right behind niranjan, who is petrified when he sees parimal, while others are amused. the duel of pushups begin amidst much cheering and animated talkls. gayatri and ila watch from the balcony, and are happy to see them all united, as they have a good brotherly time.

In her room, rita is extremely upset and decides to go and ask ila everything clearly. Rita confronts ila in the kitchen, about where she got maya’s number, when niranjan didnt have it. she is speechless. gayatri comes and says that she shall tell her. ila eyes her tensedly. gayatri says that, it was from niranjan’s old friend, rohan that she got maya’s number. rita is boggled, as gayatri tells her not to mistrust ila.

Rita wonders why is she behaving diabolical in front of ila, and wonders whether what niranjan tells about gayatri, being b*t*hy is actually true. she goes to her room. in her room, she is torn thinking what to believe and what not. she decides to look up rohan’s numbver, but doesnt find it in niranjan’s cell. she realsies that they again lied to her. niranjan returns talking about how stressed out he is, and she suggests him to take a steam bath to relax. he complies, and is about to go in, when she is unable to resist herself and asks about rohan. he says that he has no such friend.

Rita clears to niranjan, about the lie that gayatri and ila told to her about rohan having given her maya’s number, whereas he says that he had no such friend. he is tensed as to what to answer. he thinks that before things worsen up, he clarifies that he forgot about this friend, and indeed there was a guy rohan, who name he forgot since its been so long. when seeing that she is unconvinced, he tries to nudge her and remind her about how she had promised that she wouldnt doubt. she complies. he goes to freshen up.


Meanwhile, gayatri and parimal have alight hearted banter, as he talks to her, about how he is back on his way of being fit. then he starts commenting as to how they need to start preparing for pune now. she gets tensed, and tries to initiate a talk, but he stays adamant. she decides to call uday and try and get him here to convince his father. uday is busy playing guitar in the room, when he gets her call, and he talks abruptly and distanced.

When he cancels the call on the pretext of being in class, his roommate talks about how long they shall keep a secret of their residence in mumbai from his parents. uday says that as long as needed, and that he needs some cash though to keep things running, since the money that he had saved all these years by pinching off his parents, are of no use, due to demonetisation. his friend suggests him to go as his mother wants and try and see if he can manage something.

Outside, in the temple, rita is distressed as to who to believe and who not, and beg for the lord’s help in helping her deal with this crisis. she is about to go in.
MEanwhile, niranjan freshens up and gets ready, while remmebring maya’s scarred eye. he decides to check her facebook update, and finds no pics of her marriage, and the relationship status reading complicated. he wonders whats going on and decides to find out. he is about to go out, when he meets rita, who he lies to, that he needs to go out to purchase something. she again questions, but he becomes defiant. then he hopes that he doesnt get caught agan, and messes up things, he wins back her mood and she smiles, at the prospect of having dinner together.



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