Thursday Update on Deception, April 16th, 2020

Deception on Zeeworld

Naina coming to meet the goons who had killed Mayank. The goons ask her to free them from there and tell that they will tell everyone that you got him killed.


Naina recalls hiring them to kill Mayank. She waits for Mayank on the road and asks goons to kill them. Goons beat them and get his wallet. Naina comes out of car and stabs him. Fb ends. Naina asks goons not to take her name. Pooja tells Naren that 2 men are in jail since 2 months and says they might have done from someone else order. Naren says it is because of greed and taunts her. Pooja tells him that she will tell his words to media if he questions the criminals.

Supriya looks at Naren’s pic. Naren goes to the prison and asks goons to tell the truth. He asks on whose order, you have killed Mayank. The goon spits on his suit and says we have killed your brother and asks what you will do. Naren punches them and go out. Goons recalls Naina beating them with rod and threatening to kill their wives and children. She says she has killed her husband and can kill anybody.

Pooja tells Naren that she will take his side infront of media. She applies tilak on his head and tells that she got lover boy stuff. She ties ghungroo on his hand. Piya albela plays.
Reporters are waiting for Pooja to come at Vyas Mansion. Pooja and Naren come there. Reporter asks who had kidnapped her, if Naren rescued her. Pooja says Naren and her family was much worried for her and tells that she went to temple to fulfill mannat and climbed 500 stairs.

Naren says you would have taken me with you. Pooja says if I had told you then you wouldn’t let me climb the stairs. Dada ji blesses for their strong relation. Naren says my Jaan needs rest. Pooja tells that she has pain in her foot. Naren lifts her and takes her to room. Tu Thodi Der Song plays…..



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