Thursday Update on Deception, April 16th, 2020 (PART 2)

Deception on Zeeworld


Naina thinks Pooja couldn’t die in water and fire and thinks her hardwork can’t go waste, she has to kill her and send her to Mayank. Pooja recalls Naren kissing her hand after their marriage. Ve Saiyya Plays…She comes to Naren’s room and asks where are you? Naren comes, holds her hands and dips her head in bath tub.


Rahul thinks who is Pooja’s well wisher who had burnt my cabin. He thinks to make Pooja leave from the house. Dada ji calls Chandrika and wishes her happy birthday and says I wish Naren would have wished you on your birthday. Chandrika says she don’t want Naren to know the truth and that’s why left him.

Naren leaves Pooja as she feels suffocated in water. Pooja asks how is your love, which don’t let me live or die and you don’t get peace without troubling me. Naren says his mind asks him to punish her mother’s criminals, but his mum’s upbringing don’t let me do wrong. Pooja says if you are done, then let me go and shift my stuff in your room. Naren pushes her in bath tub and takes her out. Pooja says she came to end the war. Naren asks can you make her fine. Supriya sees file and says nobody shall get it. Pooja says whatever happened was wrong. Naren says I will not let you have relation with me. Pooja asks why didn’t you buy media. She says a mother can’t harm other mother.

Pooja feeling suffocated and shouts Naren. Naren thinks about Pooja’s words. Dada ji asks Naren’s assistant to let him go to Pooja, but he says he is helpless and can’t let him go inside. Pooja feels suffocated inside the four walls as last brick is surely kept by Naina. She shouts Naren and recalls her marriage with him etc. Chandrika senses Pooja is in danger. Supriya blames herself for Pooja’s condition and thinks she has to be silent else will lose Naren. Naren walks on the road and cries while the song Tadap Tadap ke plays…He cries badly. Rain starts. Ve Jogiya plays….He lies down on the road and cries aloud. Pooja feels short of breath and falls down inside. Harish says if anything happens to that girl then we will be blamed. Rahul says we shall check once. Naina says she is my sister, even though she is my step sister. Naren runs back home and goes to his room. Dada ji does puja and aarti. Naren sees last brick placed and breaks the wall. Everyone go there and looks on shockingly. Naren breaks the wall and takes out unconscious Pooja. Dada ji prays for her. Naina smirks. Anuj looks on.

Naren takes Pooja to room and asks her to get up. Naren cries. Anuj thinks I will make your condition worsened Naren Vyas for burying my sister inside the walls. Doctor checks her. Naren asks her to open her eyes. Pooja coughs, which ensures her safety. Naina is angry to see her alive. Naren caresses her face cryingly. Doctor asks him to let her rest. Naren goes out and asks who kept the last brick in that wall and says I need an answer else I will not leave anyone. Dada ji slaps him hard and says you have made Supriya’s upbringing small. Harish asks who has kept the last brick. Dada ji says Naina loves her sister so much that she tried to kill her. Harish asks what you are saying she is our bahu. Dada ji says her pallu is having cement. Rahul says Harish and I have cement on our clothes also. Naren asks Naina to reply.

Naina accepts to have placed the last brick and says she left Pooja to die. A fb is shown, Naina keeps the last brick and says good bye Behna. She tells that whenever I see Supriya helpless on wheel chair, I remember Chandrika’s face, whenever I see your eyes, I remember the moment when Pooja left you, and says whenever I see myself in mirror, my colorless clothes reminds me that those creepy people of Krishnagiri killed my Mayank. She says since she returned home, I was scared and thought if she returned to harm her family. She says she couldn’t controlled her anger and that’s why kept the last brick. She sheds crocodile tears and tells that she is ready to get his punishment. Naren says you have to controlled your anger, you or my family have right to talk between Pooja and me. Pooja gains consciousness and looks on…




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